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GBM Roadcourse Bike Lapping
Tuesday, Wednesday Evening, Thursday, Friday, Sat, Sun
Advance sales for bike lapping. Tuesdays 9am-5pm Wednesday Evenings 5pm-dusk Starting Mid-August Lapping will go from 4:30PM-8:30PM- September it will run from 4pm-8pm. Thursdays 9am-5pm Friday 9am-4pm Sat/Sun 9am-5pm Gates Open an hour before lapping Note: Wednesday Evening on-line orders will end Wednesday at noon. Thursday online orders will end Wednesday at noon Friday online orders end at 12pm Thursday. Note*Sat/Sun--online orders end at 12PM Friday. Tuesday Events--online orders end at 3:00pm Friday if Tuesday follows a Holiday Monday. On-line orders will not be accepted if done after the cut-off time. No Charge for Spectators for Wednesday Night Lapping. DEBIT/VISA WILL NOT WORK ON OUR ON-LINE PAYMENT PROCESS
$77.88 5pm Wednesday August 5 Beginner
$77.88 5pm Wednesday August 5 Intermediate
$77.88 5pm Wednesday August 5 Advance
$128.32 9am Tuesday August 11 Beginner
$128.32 9am Tuesday August 11 Intermediate
$128.32 9am Tuesday August 11 Advance
$77.88 4:30pm Wednesday August 19 Beginner
$77.88 4:30pm Wednesday August 19 Intermediate
$77.88 4:30pm Wednesday August 19 Advance
$128.32 9am Friday August 28 Intermediate
$128.32 9am Friday August 28 Advance
$128.32 9am Tuesday September 1 Beginner
$128.32 9am Tuesday September 1 Intermediate
$128.32 9am Tuesday September 1 Advance
$77.88 4pm Wednesday September 9 Beginner
$77.88 4pm Wednesday September 9 Intermediate
$77.88 4pm Wednesday September 9 Advance
$128.32 9am Friday September 11 Intermediate
$128.32 9am Friday September 11 Advance
$128.32 9am Tuesday September 22 Beginner
$128.32 9am Tuesday September 22 Intermediate
$128.32 9am Tuesday September 22 Advance
$77.88 3:45pm Wednesday September 30 Beginner
$77.88 3:45pm Wednesday September 30 Intermediate
$77.88 3:45pm Wednesday September 30 Advance
$128.32 9am Friday October 2 Intermediate
$128.32 9am Friday October 2 Advance

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